Margo Matching Pajama Set

Step 1 - Pick for your pet
Margo Pet Pawjama Set


Step 2 - Now pick for yourself
Margo Human Pajama Set


Embrace unparalleled coziness and whimsical charm with our delightful hot pink Margo Matching Pajama Set, crafted to perfectly match your furry BFF. Shop now and experience the joy of cuddles and sweet dreams with your beloved companion, all wrapped up in the magnificent allure of hot pink.


Human Set: Hot pink silky pajama shirt & short set
Human Sizing: True to size with a stretch

Pet Set: Hot pink silky pet pawjama with snap buttons
Pet Sizing: Our pet sizing currently fits cats, and dogs up to 65 pounds. Please view our size guide to see which will best suit your pet!

Fabric: Polyester, Spandex

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